Church Leadership Team

We are grateful for the servant leaders who live out our mission:
In the LOVE of Jesus Christ,
we reach UP in Worship and Prayer,
OVER in Discipleship and Care and
OUT in Witness and Service.

2024 Church Officers and Committee Members

OFFICE: NAME                                                                Term Date
Chairperson, Council & Lay Member AC: Mary Leighton   2023
Pastor: Andrew Tennant                                                     Staff
Lay Leader: Billy Rutherford                                               2023
Treasurer & Church Secretary: Bev Johnson                     Staff
Chairperson, Staff-Parish Relations: Charles Shumaker    2024
Coordinator, Prayer: Pam Wood                                         2024
Chairperson, Trustees: Lugene Jarrell                               2026
Chairperson, Finance: Vince Agee                                     2025
Chairperson: Worship: Linda Duty                                      2025
Member at Large: Rob Armstrong                                      2025
Member at Large: Steve Morrison                                      2025
Member at Large: Sonja Money                                         2025
Member at Large: Allie Elkins                                             2026
Member at Large: Tarabeth Heineman                               2026
Member at Large: (Youth Rep): Braelyn Scarberry            2026

Alternate Lay Member, Annual Conference: Kelly Adkins
Lay Members to District Conference: Becky Richards; Barb Tufts
Alternate Members to District Conference: Josh Phillips; Kelly Rutherford
Financial Secretary: Sheila Mosley
Church Historian: Stanley Wood
Chairperson, Altar Guild: Pat Hall
Health and Welfare Representative: Mary Lou Sullivan
UM Men: Bob Tomblin
UM Women: Donna Workman
Membership Secretary: Becky Meade
Director Preschool Ministries: Joy Agee
Substitute Director Preschool Ministries: Judy McCormick
Chairperson, We Care Ministry: Robin Armstrong
Vacation Bible School Director: Lynn Salmons
Vacation Bible School Assistant: Sonja Money
Chairperson, Education/Sun. Sch. Supt/Sm. Grp: Pam Wood
Coordinator, Stewardship: Albert Jarrell
Coordinator, Scouting: Max Crow

Vince Agee, Chairperson; Planned Giving Coordinator                                                
Shelia Mosley, Financial Secretary
Albert Jarrell, Stewardship
Bev Johnson, Treasurer
Ex-officio: Trustees Chairperson (Lugene Jarrell)
Stanley Wood, at large                                                     
Randy Hall, at large
Cindie Riggs, at large                                   

WORSHIP COMMITTEE/ALTAR GUILD (Work in Conjunction with each other):
Chairperson – Linda Duty 
Pastor:  Andrew Tennant  
Church Secretary: Bev Johnson  
Music Director: Randy Davis
Pianist: Tammy Meadows
Audio Visual: Mary Leighton and Lisa Cornwell
Video Editing: Bill Budden & Sandra Budden
Prayer Coordinator: Pam Wood
Lay Leader: Billy Rutherford                                     
Head Usher – Kent Willis 
Greeters: Donna Kiser                                           
Acolyte Coordinator – Erin Rich

Altar Guild: Sam and Prudy Colvin; Ken and Donna Workman; Kelly Adkins; Donna Kiser; Mary Leighton; Pat Hall; Becky Richards; Alice Stanley; Krista Marcum; Lynn Salmons; Stacy Morrison; Paul and Pat Cline; Dusty and Debbie Mills; Dorothy Long; Paula Dickerson; Mary Lou Sullivan; Becky Hensley; Sylvia Jackson

Class of 2024:  Charles Shumaker, Chairperson; Rick Hemann, Jenni Butler
Class of 2025:  Patti Rollins, Rachel Amis, Bobby Clarkson
Class of 2026:  Karlee Rischer, Faith Wilks, Josh Phillips
Ex-officio: Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference 

Class of 2024:  Paula Saunders, Dusty Mills, Stanley Wood
Class of 2025:  Dorothy Long, Debby Moore, Y Daugherty
Class of 2026:  Syd Hanson, Lesley Shumaker, Leslie Wells
Ex-officio: Lay Leader; Pastor is Chairperson

Class of 2024:  Paul Cline, Brian DeFade; Deidre Farley
Class of 2025:  Skyler Ratcliff, Jack Streets, Bill Adkins
Class of 2026:  Tom Foster, Lugene Jarrell, Chairperson, Nick Elkins

Class of 2024:  Annetta Adkins, Kent Willis
Class of 2025:  Linda Boshell, Sharon Sparks
Class of 2026:  Heath Scarberry, Leigh Ratcliff
Ex-officio:  Trustees Chairperson; Staff Parish Chairperson

Joy Agee, Preschool Director and Chairperson
Judy McCormick, Substitute Preschool Director
Lugene Jarrell, Teacher
Bev Johnson, Finance
Kristen Sanders, Parent
Faith Wilks
Sandra Budden
Ex-officio: Trustee Chairperson; Lay Leader, Pastor