The Training Station - Preschool

Kenova United Methodist Church


“Personalized learning in a loving environment!”

2017/2018 Preschool Year Information


Dear Parent:

          Let me congratulate you for your decision to give your child the opportunity to experience preschool here at Kenova United Methodist Church.  It indicates to me not only your love for your child, but also that you have a special commitment to your child’s future.

          Let me assure you that we share that love and that commitment.  Our excellent staff of teachers and helpers offer a quality program that uses excellent resources based on lesson plans developed to meet the particular needs of each class and/or child.  Our preschool recognizes every child as a precious gift from God and our intent is to communicate that truth to the children through our words and actions.

          The church offers other opportunities for children, and please know your child is welcome to participate in them.  Under the leadership of our church staff and other volunteers we offer Sunday School, Noah’s Ark (Preschoolers Worship Time), Vacation Bible School, children’s activities and more. 

          I look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren) better as you volunteer with the children, drop off and pick up your children and at all the other occasions of meeting that come with preschool.  If you have concerns or questions, please give me a call at the church (304-453-1112) or stop by my office.


            Jim Richards, Pastor


          Our program is designed to meet the needs of the individual child.  The most important skills at this age are socialization, listening, and following simple directions.  Much emphasis is placed upon politeness toward others, feeling good about one's self, taking care of property, making learning fun, and completing what is started.  This is done in a caring and loving atmosphere.

          Many activities will be introduced that will help in the proper development of your child's large and small motor skills.

     Our goal is to motivate and prepare your child so that the first year in public school will be an easy and pleasant adjustment as well as a memorable experience for your little one.

Check out the drop down boxes for additional details, school calendar, Arrival and dismissal times, snow days,fees, etc.