2018 Church Officers


Chairperson, Church Council:  Stanley Wood                 

Pastor: Jim Richards

Lay Leader:  Sam Colvin                                                 

Church Council Secretary:  Linda Duty

Treasurer:  Sheila Mosley                                               

Chairperson, Staff-Parish Relations:  Lugene Jarrell

Chairperson - Witness: Sandra Budden                      

Chairperson - Nuture:  Sherry Kennedy

Chairperson - Outreach:  Prudy Colvin                        

Coordinator, Prayer:  Syd Hanson

Chairperson, Trustees:                                               

Chairperson, Fianance:  Randy Hall

Lay Member, Annual Conference:  Mary Leighton



Alternate Lay Member, Annual Conference:  Kelly Adkins

Lay Members to District Conference:  Barbara Tufts; Becky Richards

Alternate Members to District Conference:  Josh Phillips; Kelly Rutherford

Financial Secretary:  Bev Johnson

Church Historian:  Stanley Wood

Treasurer, Building Fund: Stanley Wood

Chairperson, Evangelism:  Sandra Budden

Chairperson, Worship: Linda Duty

Chairperson, Missions:  Patti Rollins

Health and Welfare Representative:  Mary Lou Sullivan

UM Men:  Kip Smith

UM Women:  Donna Workman

Membership Secreary:  Bev Johnson

Director Preschool Ministries:  Katherine Moore

Associate Director Preschool Ministries: Judy McCormick

Substitute Director Preschool Ministries: Joy Agee

Chairperson, We Care Ministry:  Robin Armstrong

Vacation Bible School Director:  Lynn Salmons

Vacation Bible School Assistant:  Sonja Money

Small Group Coordinator:  Syd Hanson

Chairperson, Education / Sunday School Superintendent:  Faith Wilks

Coodinator, Family Ministries:  Joan West

Coordinator, Stewardship:  Roberta Ferguson


Finance / Sterwardship Team

Randy Hall, Chairperson                                                   Shelia Mosley, Treasurer

Stan Hanson, Planned Giving Coordinator                    Roberta Ferbuson, Stewardship 

Albert Jarrell, Trustees, Chairman                                  Bev Johnson, Financial Secretary

Stanley Wood, Building Fund Treasurer                        Vince Agee, at large

John Null, at large                                                              Josh Phillips, at large

Cindie Riggs, at large                                                         Mike Skeens, at large

Jeff Sanders, at large



Chairperson - Linda Duty                                                    Head Usher - David Ball

Pastor - Jim Richards                                                           Acolyte Coordinator -  Erin Rich

Music Director - Randy Davis                                             Pianist - Tammy Meadows

Inside Greeters - Paul & Pat Cline                                      Outside Greeters - Ted Rakes

Communion Stewards -                                                       Altar Guild, Prudy Colvin

      Sam & Prudy Colvin                                                        Flower Calendar, Linda Duty

      Rob & Robin Armstrong                                                  Prayer Chain Coordinator - Althea Caldwell

Sound - Mary Leighton, Dusty Mills, Albert Jarrell          

Projection - Donna Workman, Lisa Cornwell, Adam Tufts, Charles Shumaker



Class of 2018:  Mike Wheeler, Lugene Jarrell (Chairperson), Tami Smith

Class of 2019:  Sandra Budden, Vince Agee, Jennifer Brown

Class of 2020:  Linda Duty, Sherry Kennedy, Dusty Mills

Ex-officio: Lay Leader - Sam Colvin           

Lay Member to Annual Conference - Mary Leighton



Class of 2018:  Vince Agee, Donna Kiser, Mick Boshell

Class of 2019:  Kelly Adkins, Linda Duty, Lugene Jarrell

Class of 2020:  Debbie Mills, Kristen Chaffins, Y Daugherty


Class of 2018:  Vince Agee, Barb Melvin, Albert Jarrell, Chairperson

Class of 2019:  Pam Wood, Tracey West, Kent Willis 

Class of 2020:  Erin Rich, Alan Tufts, Kip Smith


Class of 2018:  Fox Heaberlin, Lugene Jarrell (Chairperson)

Class of 2019: Annetta Adkins, Pat Hall

Class of 2020:  Mike Wheeler, Barb Melvin

Ex-officio:  Trustees Chairperson - Albert Jarrell             

Staff parish Chairperson - Lugene Jarrell


Kelly Adkins, Stan Hanson, Sam Colvin, Billy Rutherford, Randy Hall, Albert Jarrell, Charles Shumaker, Ted Rakes, Faith Wilks, and three at large positions